The Theodorou Collection
Books & Manuscripts


Manuel Chrysoloras, Erotemata, Greek and Latin, [in the redaction of Guarino da Verona], Venice, Peregrinus de Pasqualibus & Dionysius Bertochus, 1484. 4to.

First dated edition of Guarino's abbreviation and translation.



Aristophanes, Opera, Greek, [first edition], Venice, Aldus Manutius, 1498. Folio,
in a Parisian black morocco binding of c. 1543 (click here).

[M. Breslauer cat. 105, no. 8]
The Pforzheimer copy.



Aristotle, Opera, Greek, [first edition], Venice, Aldus Manutius, 1495-1498. Folio, 5 parts bound in 6 volumes.


Etymologicum Magnum Graecum

Etymologicum Magnum Graecum, [first edition], Venice, Zacharias Kallierges for Nicolaos Vlastos & Anna Notaras, 1499. Folio, 18th century russia gilt.

The Roxburghe - Spencer - Rylands copy.



Michael, secretary to the paharnik of Wallachia, History of the Ottoman expedition for the recapture of Morea in 1715,
Greek, manuscript on paper, c. 1730. 4to.



C. P. Cavafy, Autograph manuscript of his poem "Sculptor of Tyana", c. 1912.